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Best Farm Loan That You Can Take In America

by aditya abhishek

Farm Credit-Mid America

If you need money to fund purchasing of farmland, equipment,  & construction of buildings then you can trust on Farm Credit-Mid America for getting loan. 


You can get loan up to $150,000 or even more with repayment period extending up to 25 years at any stage of farming business with lots of additional features. 


You must qualify for Federal Farm Service Agency (FSA) Loan Program with farm operating only in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

AgAmerica Lending

It gives 10 years line of credit. and you need to only apply once and can withdraw money whenever needed during this time period.  You can opt for AgAmerica Lending for long term. 


You can use funds for other businesses as well, and can convert to a term loan. There is no tension of annual renewal paperwork and pay-downs. You are eligible if you live in America. 


You need to have minimum credit score of 680 and own at least 25 acres of farm. Moreover you can talk to their representatives on weekend hours. 

Camino Financial

If you need farm loan as soon as possible then you should knock doors of Camino Financial as they offer loan within two days. 


You can get farm loan ranging from $10,000 to $400,000 within 2 days even if your credit score is 550. It is very good for small scale farmers. 


You must be active in business for at least 9 months and should be generating at least 30,000 US Dollars every year to qualify for getting loan. Their interest rates are high. 

AdvancePoint Capital

If you need to take short term loans for agriculture with minimal paper work then AdvancePoint Capital can offer you best deal. 


You can get loan within one day by filling one page application only even if you have poor credit score. Hence you do not need to worry much about paperwork. 


You need to pay higher amount of fees and rates for getting loan. Moreover you need to repay within 18 months only. 

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