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Best Companion Plants Of Cucumber

by aditya abhishek

If you are planning to grow cucumber plants from January to February then grow these companion plants to increase yield, reduce pests & diseases, fertilizers, watering needs of the plant.

Maize or Corn

Whether you are a farmer or gardener you can plant corn along with cucuber plants. Cucumber vines will use corn stalks for support & act as natural mulch. 

Root Vegetables

You can plant root vegetables such as radish, turnips, carrots, etc. along with cucumbers at 6 inches gap. Radish helps to keep cucumber beetles away from the plant. 


Plant legume crops such as peas, beans, lentils, etc. with cucumbers to increase soil fertility and nitrogen in soil. 


If there is high pest infestation in your garden then you can plant herbal plant such as oregano along with cucumber. 


To repel beetles, thrips, etc. you can plant flowering plant nasturtiums with cucumber. This will help to reduce pests. 

Avoid Planting

You should avoid planting potatoes, sage, mint, melons, etc. with cucumbers as they are worst companion plants. 

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