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Beginner Friendly Succulent Plants

by aditya abhishek

Succulents are such cute plants that we all love to grow, but if you are thinking about growing easy to care for succulents, then try growing these succulent plants.

Also known as donkey tail is a trailing succulent plant that you can grow in hanging pots. Keep them in bright indirect sunlight for best results. 

Burro's Tail

They can grow easily in well drained cactus potting mix under bright indirect sunlight, water only a little and let the soil dry out for sometime. 


Commonly known as "Hens-&-Chicks" is a famous succulent plant and can be propagated easily through offsets. 


Jade plant prefers to grow in bright indirect sunlight throughout the day, they hate low light condition. Avoid overwatering for caring this plant. 

Jade Plant

Aloe Vera is not only a succulent plant but it has also got air purifying and medicinal qualities. Grow them indoors to purify air in your home. 

Aloe Vera

They can grow up to 9 feet even in small pots of 10 inches without adding much fertilizers. Just keep them in bright indirect sunlight. 

African Milk Tree

This plant is also related to Jesus Christ and can grow well in bright direct to indirect sunlight, the keep flowering throughout the year. 

Crown Of Thorns

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