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Are Succulents Safe For Dogs & Cats

by aditya abhishek

Plant lover like to have succulent collection in their garden, but what if you have pets! Not all succulents are poisonous to dogs, but you should avoid keeping them if you have pets.

Aloe vera is a wonderful succulent that can also purify air and have medicinal properties but due to presence of "anthraquinones" they are poisonous to dogs & cats. 

Aloe Vera

They are easy to care for succulent plant that can cause gastrointestinal problems to pets if ingested accidentally. 

jade plant

Also known as "Thorns of Christ" is a beautiful flowering succulent plant can cause eye irritation and gastrointestinal problems in pets, threfore keep them away. 


However, if you have pets in your home then you can grow these succulent plants which are pet friendly.

Pet Friendly succulents

They are easy to care for succulents that can grow well under bright indirect sunlight in well drained cactus soil. 


They are pet friendly succulent plants that you can grow in your garden. Make sure to avoid overwatering to care for this plant. 


If you are looking for succulent plant which is good for hanging pots and pets then you can grow burro's tail in your garden. 

Burro's Tail

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