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Are Coffee Grounds Good For Plants

by aditya abhishek


Used coffee ground contains 2% nitrogen, 0.06% phosphorus, and 0.6%  potassium by volume, hence it is a good source of nutrients for plants. 

How To Use Coffee Grounds

You can use leftover coffee grounds by directly sprinkling it on the soil around plant and raking to mix them properly with soil. 

Or you can also make liquid fertilizer using coffee grounds. Simply take 2 cups of used coffee grounds and mix in 20 litres of water and leave overnight. 


Using coffee grounds for composting is beneficial. While preparing compost mix one part of greens and 4 parts of browns consisting coffee grounds. 


However adding coffee grounds can increase soil acidity, therefore you can not use it to fertilize every plant. Avoid using them in tomato and rhododendron. 

Also avoid using coffee grounds in seedlings as it can reduce germination rate. But let's now get to know list of plants in which we can use coffee grounds. 

You can use coffee grounds for fertilizing plants such as rose, lily, azelia, hydrangea, grass, blueberry, daffodil, cucumbers, beans, broccoli, turnips, squash, onions.

Other Uses

You can also use coffee grounds to keep snails and slugs away from plants. Sprinkle them around plant to repel these pests. 

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