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Apple Industry Is Facing Challenges In Kashmir

by aditya abhishek


From August to October, apple farmers in Kashmir Valley, India start harvesting apples to sell their produce in the market. 

Leaf Miners

But, this year due to the leaf miner pest outbreak in apple orchards, farmers are facing problems in getting good quality harvest. 


Even after the apple farmers of Kashmir took appropriate measures to control the pest, it failed and resulted in poor yield which has caused anxiety among farmers of Kashmir. 


It is believed that due to continuous use of the same pesticide, pests have developed resistance. Moreover, unfavorable climatic conditions have led to the outbreak of the pest. 


However, the farmers of Kashmir are expecting good rates for their produce as the Indian apple market has improved since last year when they got very low prices. 


However, there are speculations that apple prices in the market may rise due to the low apple production in Kashmir which is the largest apple producing region in India. 

Expert Advice

To have control of pests, farmers should not depend on only a particular pesticide. They can follow the Integrated Pest Management system for better control. 


IPM or Integrated Pest Management is a pest control approach that focuses on using a combination of techniques such as physical, biological, organic, and chemical. 

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