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What Is Animal Husbandry

By aditya abhishek

Animal Husbandry is made up of two words "Animal" and "Husbandry."

Multicellular, eukaryotic organism from Animal Kingdom are called animals. 

While husbandry means cultivation, management, & production by using resources efficiently. 

Rearing, cultivation, management, & production of animals is called as Animal Husbandry. 

It is a branch of agriculture in which we study domestication, rearing, selection and breeding of livestock.

Animal Husbandry is done to get useful products such as milk, meat, eggs, fur, honey, fibres, etc.

Animal Husbandry started during the same time when subsistence farming started, i.e., around 12,000 years ago

Some people say Animal Husbandry is a cruel practice! What do you have to say about this?

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