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Amazing Terrace Garden Ideas That You Can Try

by aditya abhishek


Many people across the globe want to make their terrace look beautiful by growing plants. However, it is their love for nature that motivates them for terrace gardening. 

Theme Garden

People nowadays are curious to grow aquatic plants such as lotus, water lily or Hyacinth in their terrace garden. Hence you can be specific and fill your garden with aquatic plants. 

Succulents & Cactus

If you are fond of cute succulent plants with cutest planters, then creating a succulent  & cactus garden on your terrace can be a wonderful choice. 

Mixed Garden

It is a blend of flowering, vegetable and shade loving plants in the garden. However, it is hard to maintain a mixed garden as it require great skills. 

Do Not Overcrowed

If you are growing plants in your terrace garden, then make sure to leave space at the center. You can add an attractive structure or fountain in the center.

Vertical Garden

You can also setup a vertical garden on your terrace wall. It not only look beautiful but also helps in lowering the temperature, hence will keep the environment cool. 

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