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How To Grow & Care For Alocasia

by aditya abhishek

Alocasia is a genus of broad leaved rhizomatous or tuberous, perennial flowering plants. Around 79 species of alocasia are in the world.


They are native to Asia that's why adapted to grow in warm tropical to sub-tropical climate. During harsh winters you need to bring this plant indoors. 

Soil & Potting Mix

Well drained, loose loamy to sandy loam soil is ideal. Prepare potting mix with 40% garden soil + 10% river sand + 10% perlite + 40% organic manure.


Depending on variety bright indirect to direct sunlight for at least 5 to 6 hours is sufficient to care for alocasia. 


Keep the soil little moist but avoid waterlogging. Apply water only when top layer of soil becomes dry. Reduce watering during winters. 


Once after every 30 days feed with one handful of cow dung manure or one tablespoon tea leaf compost. Stop fertilizing during winters. 

Pests & Diseases

Over watering can cause crown rot, stem rot, root rot, leaf spot disease, etc. Protect your plant from pests like aphids, mealy bugs, spider mites etc.


Alocasia is a toxic plant.  Therefore you need to keep them out of reach of children and pets. Wash your hands properly after touching them. 

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