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How To Care For Air Plants

By Aditya abhishek

What Are Air Plants?

Air plants are epiphytes, which means they naturally grows on trees. There are more than hundreds of species and varieties to choose. 

Perfect For Beginners!

Air plants are draught tolerant and grows without soil, which means you do not need to worry much even if you are travelling during vacation. 


There are varieties of pots specially designed for air plants in the market. You can select anyone among them.


Bright Indirect to low light conditions are good for growing air plants. Avoid direct sunlight. 


Water once after every week. In a jar full of water, submerge your plant for half hour. Take out shake gently, keep on towel to dry, then put them back in pots.


If the atmospheric humidity is low then you can slightly mist your plant once after every 2 days to keep it fresh and healthy. 


You will be surprised to know that air plants bloom once in their lifetime and flower last 2 to 3 weeks. 

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