Agriculture review

What's Agribusiness, Future & Importance!

by aditya abhishek


Business or economic activities related to agriculture is Agribusiness. It could be manufacturing of machinery, production of crops, seeds, fertilizers, processing & marketing, etc. 


In a span of just one year from 2021 to 2022, agribusiness market grew from $11,109.32 billion to $12,152.6 billion. Even during pandemic agriculture industry kept growing. 


Agriculture and medicine are such sectors that need to exist for the existence of human civilization & with increasing population new technologies in agriculture & growth is important.

Even after so many start-ups there is scope for new comers because many problems are still unsolved. If you are interested in Agribusiness then you can start any of these profit making enterprise. 

Mushroom Farming

It is one of the best solution for farmers who have small land holdings. The initial setup cost is low, you can learn the process very easily and it can ensure long term profit. 


From apiculture or  bee keeping you can produce honey, wax, royal jelly, honey dew, bee venom, bee glue, etc. and sell them in the market to gain profit.  


If you have large scale farm then you can start floriculture. There is demand for cut flowers,  cut foliage, dried flowers, leaves, etc. in the market. 


Having orchard of apple, mango, kiwi, Litchi, Orange, etc. can ensure high profit. From just one acre of apple orchard you can earn around $2,324 annually. 

Oyster Farming

Recently oyster farming is trending because of pearl industry. You can get pearls, shells, and inner tissue for selling in the market. 

Dairy Farming

However initial setup cost is high but selling dairy products can ensure good profit. You can sell milk, curd, paneer, cheese, and other products in the market. 

Fisheries, machinery, fertilizer production, seed production, are some other profitable agribusiness that you can start to earn money. 

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