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Aeroponics vs Hydroponics: Which is the Best Way

by aditya abhishek

Two popular methods of raising crops are hydroponics and aeroponics. Both use water as a growing medium, but they differ in the way they deliver nutrients to the plants.


Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in a soilless environment. Instead of using soil, plants are grown in a nutrient-rich water solution with their roots suspended in the water.


Aeroponics is a method of growing plants where the roots are suspended in the air and are misted with a nutrient-rich water solution. Potato grows very well in an aeroponics system. 


In hydroponics, the plants absorb the nutrients directly from the water. While in aeroponics, the nutrients are delivered via misting.

Amount Of Oxygen

In hydroponics, the roots are submerged in water, which can lead to oxygen deprivation but in aeroponics the roots are suspended in air due to which they recieve ample oxygen. 


In terms of yields, aeroponics has been shown to produce higher yields than hydroponics. Moreover, requirement of water is more in hydroponics than aeroponics. 


Aeroponics requires more maintenance and is costly than hydroponics. And in aeroponics, you can only cultivate few species of crops. 

What To Do

For selecting any system, you should do a market research. Know about demand & price of the produce of the systems in the market. Get to know whether investments will be worth or not.

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