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Advantages Of Using Synthetic Fertilzer Over Organic Fertilizer

by aditya abhishek


Use of synthetic or chemical fertilizers has always been a matter of concern among environmentalists & farmers. But for instance let us see benefits of synthetic fertilizers. 

Rapid Action

Unlike organic fertilizers that releases nutrients slowly, synthetic fertilizers are known to release nutrients rapidly, hence it helps in curing nutrient deficiency easily. 

Low Input Cost 

In comparision to organic fertilizers, synthetic fertilizers are cheap. However this price gap can be overcome by practicing regenerative agriculture. 

Easy To Handle

Synthetic fertilizer are available as dry, granular pellets or water-soluble products, so they can be kept or stored easily. But it is hard to store organic fertilizer.

Precise Application

It is easy to determine nutrient composition of inorganic fertilizer, hence amount and application rate can be determined easily. 

Free From Contaminants

Synthetic fertilizers are free from any microbial contamination. However if not treated well organic fertilizer can be contaminated easily. 


Apart from so many advantages excessive use of synthetic fertilizer is harmful for our environment. Hence one should only apply under required value along with organic manure.

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