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5 Steps On How To Grow Coriander From Seeds

by aditya abhishek


Are you willing to grow and enjoy organic harvested coriander from your home garden, if yes, then start sowing coriander seeds from September to October. 

Easy To Grow

Corianders are one of the easiest to grow leafy greens, but you will need to follow all the guidelines to sow coriander seeds carefully for a high germination rate. 

1. Buy Seeds

To start growing coriander seeds, you need to buy high quality, treated seeds for a high germination rate and resistance to pests & diseases. You can also order seeds from our store. 

2. Crush Seeds

Put coriander seeds in between a piece of cloth and fold half a portion over the seeds. With the help of a wooden roller that you use to make chappatis break the seeds into two halves.

3. Potting Mix

You can sow coriander seeds directly in sandy loam soils or prepare potting mix with 30% coc0peat + 30% cow dung compost + 30% vermicompost + 10% bonemeal.

4. Sowing

Take a medium to large sized pots with drainage holes 7 fill it with the potting mix. Broadcast seeds on the soil, cover with a thin layer of soil and apply water gently. 

5. Care

Do not sow coriander seeds in a germination tray. Keep the pot under indirect sunlight and water whenever the top most layer of the soil seems dry. 


If you follow these guidelines carefully, then within 7 to 14 days your coriander seeds will start germinating successfully. 

Thanks for reading!

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