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5 Plants That You Can Grow In Full Shade

by aditya abhishek


If your home garden doesn't receive enough sunlight or you want to bring shade-loving plants to your home, then bring these amazing plants right now. 


Fittonia is a shade-loving plant that is native to tropical rainforests. It is a dwarf, evergreen, slow-growing, moisture-loving houseplant that you can keep in your bathroom. 

ZZ Plant

ZZ plant is a houseplant that can grow in low light conditions. Plant them in well-drained soils and do not overwater. 


Hosta is popular for its leaf shape and lush green color. They can survive well in low light conditions and love well-drained soils. 


It is easy to grow and care for houseplants that can do well in low-light conditions. Avoid overwatering this plant. 

Snake Plant

Snake plants are drought tolerant plants that can grow well under shade. Avoid keeping this plant under direct sunlight. 

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