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5 Modern Farming Methods That You Must Know!

by aditya abhishek

Modern Farming

Farming methods have evolved since the Neolithic period, and with every revolution global food production and livelihood of people improved. 


Moreover, the development of human civilizations, craftsmanship, science, cities, and industries are often linked with innovation and developments in agriculture. 

Modern Methods

Here is a list of 5 modern farming methods that could further revolutionize the global food production system and change the way we live today. 

Vertical Farming

Due to the degradation of arable land in the world, farmers have to find a way to increase the yield in the same area and vertical farming solves this problem. 

Precision Agriculture

In precision agriculture, with the help of GPS, Drones, Satellites, Micro irrigation, etc. we increase the overall efficiency of the farm and reduce wastage. 


Hydroponics is an effective modern farming technique that helps to get optimum yield and reduce water usage by up to 70%. 


Farming is labor-intensive which increase the cost of production. Using robots in agriculture helps in the timely application of fertilizers, harvesting, etc. 

Regenerative Farming

Regenerative farming helps in improving soil health. soil fertility, biodiversity, reducing input cost, etc. 

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