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5 Main Features Of Dairy Farming In The World

by aditya abhishek


The world dairy market value was estimated around US $ 893 Billion and by the end of 2028 it is projected to reach US $ 1,243 Billion. 


Dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter, paneer, yogurt, condensed milk, etc. are in high demand in the market. In 2021, around 908 Billion liters of milk was consumed in the world. 


If we talk about the main features of dairy farming, then here is the list of important features of dairy farming that you must know about. 

Capital Intensive

Dairy farming is highly capital intensive. It means that a lot of capital is required to start and run a dairy farm successfully. 

Labour Intensive

To feed, clean and manage the livestock, skilled and trained labourers are required. Therefore, dairy farming is also highly labour intensive. 


To run a successful dairy farm, it should be established near urban and industrialized locations. It makes it easier to market, sell and transport dairy products. 

Health Care

Special attention should be given to breeding, healthcare and veterinary services such as on-time vaccination to ensure better health of the cattle in the farm. 


Management of stock, record keeping, time-to-time cleaning, pasteurization activities, etc. should be carried out perfectly to run a successful dairy farm. 

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