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5 Benefits Of Using AI In Agriculture

by aditya abhishek

AI In Agriculture

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only helpful in generating texts and images but it is also effective in automating agriculture to boost productivity. 


Using AI in agriculture has several benefits ranging from pest control to harvesting and here are 5 amazing benefits of using AI in agriculture. 

Data Based Decision

With the help of AI, farmers can monitor their farms, time of sowing, harvesting, market trends, price, etc. which can help to make effective decisions. 


Farmers need to carry out a lot of activities in the farm that require labor, hence by using AI farmers can automate irrigation, fertilization, harvesting, etc. 

Cost Saving

By using AI in agriculture, farmers can reduce wastage, increase efficiency, and decrease dependency on manual labor, hence it helps to reduce the cost of production.

Soil Analysis

By using AI farmers can analyze real-time soil pH, nutrient components, moisture content, etc. which can help to select suitable crops and apply water and fertilizers efficiently. 

Disease & Pests

By using AI farmers can monitor any signs of pests or diseases in any area of the field, it helps to automate and control pesticide applications to reduce losses. 

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