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10 Reasons Why Is Agriculture Important

by aditya abhishek


Agriculture is the practice of raising crops and livestock to get grains, vegetables, fruits, spices, milk, meat, etc. that are essential for our consumption. 


Historians believe that agriculture started around 12,000 years ago and wheat is the first cultivated crop in the world. It played a vital role in the development of human societies. 

Hunting Lifestyle

Before the neolithic reovolution, humans used to hunt and gather food, due to which they had to shift to places in search of food. 


But as the domestication of livestock and crops started people started concentrating in a region where they cultivated crops together to get food. 


Due to dependency on agriculture for food, humans got enough time to explore things, this led to the development of new crafts that were used in farming & other activities. 

Food Security

For any region to thrive, the population must get enough food. That's why it is said, "If you are getting food on plates, then thank a farmer."


Agriculture is regarded as the backbone of a nation's economy. A country with a good agriculture system often sustains in the hardest times. 


In many countries agriculture sector is the largest job providing sector. It also plays a key role in the employment of the rural population. 


If you want to really understand the importance of agriculture in your life, then think of a day when farmers stop growing food. How humans will get food?

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