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10 Most Common Problems Faced By Farmers

by aditya abhishek


Agriculture is the primary activity of rural regions and is necessary for food production. Here are common problems faced by farmers in agriculture. 

Lack of Knowledge

Most of the farmers are not aware of soil testing, new crop varieties, scientific farming techniques, irrigation frequency, etc. which results in lower yields. 

Lack of Capital 

Farming may seem an affordable affair, but it is not. A lot of capital is required to carry out farming activities, therefore many times farmers fail to fund those activities. 


Farmers face problems in transporting their produce to the markets safely. Lack of adequate transportation infrastructure results in damage to food. 


80% of the farms in the world are rainfed. Lack of good irrigation facilities and frequent droughts result in poor yield. 

Financial Decisions

People of rural areas are humble and kind-hearted but they often lack good financial decisions, due to which they do not keep records of their spending and earnings. 

Price Fluctuation

Due to continuous changes in demand and supply in the market, farmers often face problems in selling their produce at the right price. 

Small Land Holdings

According to a survey, nearly 72% of the farms are less than a hectare in the world. A small farmland means less returns as compared to a large-scale commercial farm. 

Storage Facility

Lack of good agricultural storage facilities results in post-harvest crop losses. Nearly 16% of fruits and vegetables are wasted due to lack of good storage facilities in rural areas. 

Soil Fertility

Due to practicing excessive tillage, application of agro-chemicals, etc. soil fertility has depleted. That's why farmers have started adopting natural farming practices. 

Climate Change

In 2023, people saw the effect of climate change on agriculture which resulted in the price surge of tomatoes in India. Climate change affects crop growth patterns. 

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