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10 Kitchen Waste That You Can Use As Fertilizers

by aditya abhishek


You will be surprised to know that much of our kitchen waste are rich source of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium for plants. Instead of throwing use them to fertilize plants. 

Onion Peels

Do you throw away onion peels, well stop throwing them right now. Put a handful of peels in a liter of water and leave it for 48 hours, strain and use as a flower booster in plants. 

Banana Peels

Just like onion peels, banana peels also help in promoting flowering in plants. Dry them under sunlight till they are dark and crisp, crush them and use them to fertilize plants. 

Tea Leaf Compost

After making tea in your kitchen, do not throw away used tea leaves. Tea leaf compost is a good source of nitrogen and also contains small amounts of phosphorus & potassium.

Egg Shells

They are a good source of calcium for plants & help in fruit setting in plants and prevent blossom end rot disease in tomato plants, Crush them to powder form to use as fertilizer. 

Coffee Grounds

Used coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen and can be sprinkled directly onto the soil to improve nutritional composition and plant growth. 

Cooked Rice Water

Rice water has magnesium, calcium, iron and sulfur which promotes plant growth. You can also use them to mist your houseplants for healthy foliage growth. 

Citrus Peels

You can use peels of oranges, pomelo, etc. to fertilize plants. They not only supply nutrients but they can also deter pests away from the plants. 

Vegetable Scraps 

Use carrot tops, lettuce leaves, broccoli stems, etc. in your compost pile to make a nutrient-rich compost. Avoid adding any meat source as it can decrease the quality. 

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