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BEEJAMRIT: Learn How To Prepare And Use Beejamrit

BEEJAMRIT: Learn How To Prepare And Use Beejamrit

This ultimate guide on beejamrit preparation and uses will help you to understand the complete process of beejamrit or beejamarutam preparation. Beejamrit is an amazing organic solution that can be used for seed treatment. The usefulness of this organic solution have been already verified by National Centre Of Organic Farming, Ghaziabad (India). Whether you are…


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These top AGRICULTURE TREND can change the way you think!
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These top AGRICULTURE TREND can change the way you think!

The Agriculture Trend is a revolutionary and ever green trend that keeps upgrading time to time. Before understanding or knowing about agriculture trend, first let us understand what we call a ‘trend.’   Agriculture Trend   We define trend as a direction in which something is changing or developing. Like fashion trends, in India earlier…

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MULTIPLE CROPPING- Definition, Benefits and Selection of Crops

 Multiple cropping or Multi cropping system in agriculture has changed the way of farming. With continuous growing population in the world the demand of food supply is increasing every year. In every part of the world, mainly in developing countries like India there is a huge potential of growth in agriculture sector. Multiple cropping system…