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MINT (PUDINA) CULTIVATION guide by Agriculture Review

Introduction of Mint Plant Mint (Mentha arvensis) Chromosome number: 72 ( However it differs according to species)Family: LamiaceaeOrder: LamialesKingdom: Plantae It (Pudina) is an aromatic mostly perennial but can also be an annual ascending herb which grows about 60-80 cm in height. Its plant has wide-spreading underground and overground stolons and erect square branched stems. Leaves…

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How to grow tomato at home

Tomato is a warm season crop so it can easily be grown in tropical and sub tropical areas. It requires six to eight hours of daily sunshine. so you need to keep the pot in area receiving adequate amount of sunshine.  It can be grown by direct seeding. Irrigate mature tomato crop at an interval…

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TOMATO CULTIVATION and its Information

Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) universally treated as protective food rich source of minerals, vitamins and organic acids. Family: Solanaceae Genus: Lycopersicon Center of origin: Peru, Equador and Bolivia. 2n: 24 Varieties: HS 101, HS 102, Roma, Pusa Sheetal, La Bonita, HS 110, Pant T3, Best of All, Krishnanagar 8-2 etc. Soil Requirement:well drained soilrich in organic matterfor early crop…