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Vegetables name in Hindi and English all vegetables name in english vegetables name english mein

Vegetables Names in Hindi and English

In this article, I am going to tell you about “Vegetables Names in Hindi and English.”
Many readers were asking about “All vegetables name in English” and “Vegetables name English mein.” Both topics have been covered in this article.

Let’s start reading Vegetables names in Hindi and English
Tomato – टमाटर

Brinjal – बैंगन

Potato – आलू

Peas – मटर

Chilli – मिर्च

Green Pepper – हरी मिर्च

Capsicum – शिमला मिर्च

Lady Finger – भिन्डी

Radish – मूली

Spinach – पालक

Turnip – शलजम

Fenugreek Leaves – मेंथी

Coriander leaves – धनिया

Curry Leaf – करी पत्ता

White Goosefoot – बथुआ

Cauliflower – फूलगोभी

Cabbage – पत्ता गोभी

Broccoli – ब्रोकोली

Onion – प्याज

Garlic – लहसुन

Ginger – अदरक

Pumpkin – कद्दू

Bottle Gourd – लौकी

Bitter Gourd – करेला

Apple Gourd – टिंडा

Ridge Gourd – तुरई

Pointed Gourd – परवल

Ash Gourd – कुष्माण्ड

Spine Gourd – ककोड़े, मीठा करेला

Cluster Beans – ग्वारफली

French Beans – फ़्रेंच बीन

Lima Beans – लाइमा बीन्स

Broad Beans – बाकला

Sweet Potato – शकरकंद

Beetroot – चुकंदर

Yam – रतालू

Elephant Foot Yam – जिमीकंद

Colocasia – आलुकी

Jackfruit – कटहल

Carrot – गाजर

I have tried to give information as much as possible, hope this article may help you in learning Vegetables Name in Hindi and English. 

If you want to add any more vegetable name then you can comment below.

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