importance and advantage of home gardening by agriculture review

Home gardening is a method to raise and grow different kind of useful plants or crops that is used either to meet day to day kitchen raw food needs or to add beauty by raising decorative or flowering plants.

Today it has become a need to grow vegetables in the garden for everyone mostly for people living in urban areas. Vegetables that are sold in the market commonly are not organic and in several cases, they are not safe to eat due to the use of hazardous chemicals on them for better and increased productivity. 

These chemically treated vegetables causes a lot of disease in which cancer and diabetes are common. Health is the number one priority in everyone life. A healthy life makes everything better from family to day to day work. You eat healthily you become healthy. 

Gardening also adds enthusiasm in one’s life. More and more people should start home gardening to have more and more fresh and healthy food which will make their lifestyle better. 

However, a newbie can also start home gardening because it’s simple and interesting. Nowadays gardening can be done in a small space too. We can grow different kinds of indoor as well as outdoor plants. 

One can also utilize their kitchen waste to turn into useful compost to reduce waste and get it recycled naturally just by following simple steps.

Vegetables that are commonly grown in the home garden are tomato, chilly, spinach, gourds, brinjal, beans, bitter gourds, capsicum etc.


Advantages of home gardening:

  • fresh, healthy and organic vegetables
  • develop a healthy habit of gardening
  • reduce the cost of expenditure on purchasing vegetables from market
  • improves the knowledge about agriculture
  • it gets you connected to the nature

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